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It's really quite contagious !

Yes, I Wrote A Song For My Cat

We lost our beloved Porkchop 11 years ago. It was so sudden, and it literally broke my heart. For years, I could not say his name without crying. We were pretty much set on the fact that we would never have another animal in our home or in our hearts, it was just too painful to lose them.

In January of 2014 our son bought his first house. The very next thing he did was go to a shelter and adopt a kitten. In February of that year we visited for our son's Birthday, and you guessed it, we we fell in LOVE with Coco.

This is Beautiful Sweet Coco

Well little Coco got us thinking maybe it was time to open our hearts again to another 4 legged child. As soon as we got home from our trip I started looking. There are so many beautiful creatures that need a forever home it really does break your heart. Anyway the minute I saw Kali's face, that was it, LOVE at first sight. Her foster mother had named her Kalista. I changed it up just a bit when we brought her home. After only a few days hiding under the bed she ventured out to see what her new forever home had to offer. She was so brave, so I renamed her Kahleesi, after one of my favorite characters in Game of Thrones - The Mother of Dragons. Anyway the rest of our story is in the lyrics of the song. Thank you so so much to Purebreds Plus Rescue and Harriet, her foster mother for rescuing her and taking such good care of her until she could rescue us! For those of you that have trouble with fine print I will post the lyrics in a larger font under the photo of the canvas I had made for Kali's foster mom. I delivered it to her when we picked up our second rescue Juliette, but that's a whole different story! Lol


Kali's Song "Forever Home"

Eleven years is an awful long time

To go without love of the animal kind
We grieved so long, thought we’d not recover
Time does heal hearts, we have discovered
Our son decided to adopt a baby
Four sweet little paws and a face full of maybes
Went for a visit, fell in love with her
Two pounds soaking wet, just a ball of fur
Got us thinking maybe it’s time
To open our hearts to our own little feline
So I started looking, spent days and days
Broke my heart, all the homeless strays
I kept searching, kept looking online
I belonged to her, when her eyes met mine
My head said “She has got to be gone”
My heart said “Try!” “This connection's so strong”
So I sent an e-mail to her foster mom
She said “Many applied, but they all were wrong”
“She’s a special little girl, gonna take the right fit”
“So tell me, about you, lets see if you’re it”
I told her our story, laid it all on the line
She said “When can you meet her? You’ll do just fine!”
I could not believe when she said to me
“If Kali chooses you, you’ll be a family”
Now 200 miles is not that far
Till you’re picking up your baby and you’re going by car
Then four little hours seem like forty days
We were nervous wrecks, unsure how it'd play
We finally arrived, we were in her world
Finally got to lay eyes on this beautiful girl
Upon first meeting, we extended our hands
She took in our scent and seemed to understand
We were there for her and her alone
That her journey was ending
And soon she would be
“Forever” home

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