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Introducing Kansas Kittys

We are sooooo excited to introduce Kansas Kittys, our second line of Designer Kitty Pulls! 

These amazing Siamese, Calico, Bengal and White
Cat Heads are individually hand made by 
amazing bead artist TinaH in Kansas.

She makes her Lampwork Beads using 
Moretti/Effetre, CIM, Lauscha, Vetrofond, 
as well as other beautiful glass. 
It goes from the torch immediately to the kiln for 
annealing, soaking, and gradually cool 
down for lasting durability. 

Yes Kansas Kittys are a little more expensive at $22.99 but they are all truly one of a kind since no two Tina H Cat Head beads created are ever exactly the same. 

And you will be creating a shelter donation of $ 2.29 with your purchase!

Kansas Kittys measure approximately 3-1/2 inches





Auntie Em

Betsy Bobbin


Cinnamon Bunn

Button Bright

Robin Brown